Feedback from MidiPads Users

Sue Lemmer - Learning Technologies Coordinator
Surrey Downs Primary School (now at Mawson Lakes school)

Hi Jim

Just a quick note to let you know the MidiPads are up and running - and the most popular item in Surrey Downs Primary school. The kids just love them!! We introduced our JP classes to them by letting them 'conduct' for each other and this has spread round the school with classes coming in just to practise conducting!! The kids are really learning to listen, watch and be aware of what's going on around them. We haven't actually got around to doing anything else with them as yet as the conducting is almost a full-time event at present.

Once the novelty has worn off we'll get down to something a bit more demanding, but its just fantastic to see the kids so tuned in.

I've also got a couple of kids who are now learning to name musical notes - just so that they can make those colour-coded sheets similar to the ones you showed us. We've got about a dozen that I made, but I said if they wanted more they'd have to learn to read music so that they could make their own - so they did!!!
I'm on long service leave next term, but Brian ( a real computer-phobe) and Jenny (our music teacher) have both asked me if they could attend the MidiPads training being held in November. I can't believe they actually WANT to attend as they've avoided computers for years. It's really exciting!!