New KidiPads Software

The new KidiPads software has been designed for use with young children and for students with disabilities. It teaches many musical literacy concepts and is designed to work with the MidiPads touch pad hardware.


Mouseover the coloured buttons triggers a midi note or a wav file - or use nnumbers 1 to 8 on your computer keyboard.
Instrument categories provide shortcuts to Brass, Strings etc.
Use the Arrows or Keys L (left) and R (right) to change the selected instrument.
Use the Arrows or Keys U (up) and D (down) to change the octave of the midi notes.
The Open button is used to open previously saved dnc files.
The Save button saves the current settings.The Teacher Menu provides options that add or subtract visible features
eg add or remove staff lines/clef, have students use mouse click instead of mouseover to trigger sounds, show or hide the Open and Save buttons, show or hide the Audio/ wav buttons, the All Notes Off menu item to turn off all sounds and finally the Save Preferences menu to have your favourite preferences used each time you launch the software.
Note: Right mouse button on the Audio/wav file select buttons removes audio/wav files from the MidiPad

About MidPads
Released October 2003