The following Quicktime movie is an example of storytelling using the MidiPads System. Students from Kaurna Plains Aboriginal School tell the legend of "Kondolli" - how the whale got its blow hole. The performance is a rehearsal and uses the MidiPads for triggering sound effects. There is live narration and Powerpoint is used to display images painted by the students and scanned into the computer. The Powerpoint presentation is projected onto a screen behind the students.

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Kondolli the Whale

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Interactive Performance System

The next Quicktime movie was broadcast on Keith Conlon's Directions for SA television program. It shows dance students from Woodville Highschool triggering sounds, music and controlling the lighting system.

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The next Media Player movie shows students with disabilities from Regency Park school performing with the MidiPads system at the international High Beam festival held in Adelaide 2002.

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