M i d i P a d s
Interactive Performance System

LOOPS - Drum 1 - 196 Kb
LOOPS - Drum 2 - 395 Kb
LOOPS - Drum 3 - 296 Kb
LOOPS - Drum 4 - 460 Kb
LOOPS - Drum 5 - 414 Kb
Guitar Riffs Collection - Am G F E - 6.5Mb
12 bar in Am - backing plus notes5.4Mb


To use these wav files in MidiPads simply Right Mouse Click on the DOWNLOAD section below and go ...Save Target As...
Save the wav file to your computer and in MidiPads go Load Wave ...find where you saved the wav file and then step on that MidiPad. To have the file play longer use the Loop option in MidiPads and select how many times you want it to play.